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Welcome To The Home Of Cinerama Chords / Tabs.

Hope you find the path to guitar and ire satisfaction! After all, it's a classic case of non too complicated music. It's the melody and sentiment that I think grabs all like minded punters. If not, The Travis tab page can be found under "Travis." For me Mr Gedge can do no wrong. Can he?

Really sorry about the pop ups and adverts. Nothing to do with me! I guess that's what you get for not paying a web hosting fee. Oh well. Just ignore them. I now hear that The Wedding Present have reformed! Cool. I'm gonna start a site for their chords too!

Lets get Cinerama on the web
Please email me if you have any chords of whatever for Torino. I no longer have a copy. I curse the foot that stepped on it!
Promise you'll get a plug. Look, lots of like minded individuals. Wedding Present chords and tabs very much appreciated too.
David Gedge - singing / guitar
Sally Murrell - singing / keyboards
Simon Cleave - guitar
Terry de Castro - bass / backing vocals
Kari Paavola - drums

Any discrepancies with the music. Please mail me. I'll check it out and make amendments as I get feedback.

If you have any chords/tabs please email me at:

Credit due to:
Sarah Waude, for help with tabs and continuing support.
Matt Evenden at the official site for patience in the face of my HTML nightmare.
Anyone who mailed me or is going to, so I can get the thing finished.

Email me things!


Images copyright: Julia Hember & Eva Wermandel.

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